Dr. Tan Jindong joins ELITE ROBOT North America as consultant

ELITE Robot, China-based developer of award-winning collaborative robots (cobots), is pleased to announce Dr. Tan Jindong will be the consultant of its North American sales and support office in Knoxville, TN.

“We believe the cobot is the ideal solution for automation and flexible manufacturing and logistics,” said ELITE Robot’s Founder and CEO Dr. Cao Yunan.  “ELITE is dedicated to bringing flexible, reliable, safe and easy-to-use 6-axis cobots to businesses of every size, all over North America.”

Partnering with ELITE’s ongoing business and technical development in North America is Dr. Jindong Tan, Professor, Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Dr. Tan, with over two decades of work developing and engineering cobot technology, including the development of the AUBO cobot, is the perfect partner for ELITE’s new venture in North America. ELITE is very much looking forward to Dr. Tan’s expertise in providing cobot solutions for our North American customers.

As the ideal partner of Elit Robotics in North America, Professor Tan will serve as the special consultant of ELITE ROBOT to provide customers in North America with expertise in collaborative robot solutions. The strong combination of Professor Peter and Tan has become a powerful driving force for ELITE to enter the North American market.

Founded in 2016, ELITE Robot is a spinoff robotics developer, initiated by a group of PhD mechatronic and software engineers from Beijing University of Aeronautics,Which leads cutting edge innovations of cobot in China . In the years since, ELITE Robot has been principally engaged in the R&D and manufacture of collaborative robots, including reducers, underlying operating systems, embedded hardware and software, and modular joints.

ELITE Robot has been deeply engaged in intelligent manufacturing and has successfully developed lightweight 6-axis (3kg/ 6kg/ 12kg) and first 7-axis cobots.

Our cobots have gained a positive reputation among users in the automotive, electronics, packaging logistics, metal processing, rubber & plastics, chemicals, and other industries.

In addition, ELITE Robot’s latest honor is first-prize winner 2020 in the 9th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award competition.

It is our sincerest intention to bring our award-winning cobots, talented staff and competitive pricing to the service of industries everywhere in North America.

ELITE Robot Global website: https://www.elibot.cn/en/#/

Iris Ren, renyi@elibot.cn

10521 Research Dr., Ste 104
Knoxville, TN 37932

Telephone: +1 (865)-558-7588

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