EC66 6kg 6-axis Collaborative Robot

  • Six-degree-of-freedom, self-weight 17.5kg, payload 6kg Working radius 914mm
  • Repeated positioning accuracy +-0.03mm
  • Maximum Speed 2.8m/S
  • Typical Power 250W
  • Protection Level IP54

Product Description

Security:Ability to work side by side with humans without the need for a safety fence for isolation, possesses high reliability and safety
Lightweight: The lightest and most flexible collaborative robot with a lighter self-weight and a stronger payload. The self-weight is only 17.5kg and the payload is 6kg.
Good-looking:The most good-looking collaborative robot, the overall industrial design is exquisite and agile, and the screw hidden design presents a simple and streamlined shape.
High efficiency: The maximum speed can reach 2.8 m / s, the running efficiency is high, the trajectory is smooth, and the movement is coherent
Easy to use: Easy to carry, easy to transport, simple assembly and disassembly, supports 48V battery power
Intelligence: Equipped with machine vision Elite Vision system, the robot not only has “good appearance”, but also high “IQ”
Collision detection: Realizes safe human-machine interaction, able to detect whether there is a collision between the robot and the staff in real time, and ensure that the collision will not harm the staff with corresponding control strategies
Drag-move teaching: Hyper-sensitive drag-move teaching function, can reproduce the entire drag-move trajectory

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