ELITE Makes Appearance at the 5th China Robot Summit

        From May 9th to 11th, the 5th China Robot Summit and Intelligent Economic Talent Summit with the theme of “Unification of Knowledge and Action, and the Integration of AI and Robots” was grandly held in Yuyao, Ningbo. ELITE, as one of the representatives of industrial robot companies was invited to participate in this industry event. This year’s Robot Summit attracted more than 1,500 industry ELITEs, including 69 top experts and scholars from around the globe, and 220 top executives from well-known manufacturing companies, to discuss the development of the robot industry and smart economy.

        In 2018, China Robot Summit has entered its crucial fifth year, ushering in a new era for China to strengthen the development and application of new-generation artificial intelligence and strengthen the building of a world manufacturing power. To lead the trend and guide the industry, the summit brought together the world’s most up-to-date reports, presenting cutting-edge technologies and latest research results of robotics and artificial intelligence and led to a number of insightful brainstorming sessions. 

       On May 11th, as a representative of industrial robot enterprises, ELITE was invited to participate in the summit “industrial robot industry sub-forum”. Chairman Cao Yunan delivered a speech titled “Hand-Brain Coordination-The Ultimate Expression of Future Robots”, which stirred up discussions among the guests. The speech introduced the concept of “smart workers” in the era of the Internet of Things, analyzed the needs of an intelligent body, and then introduced ELITE’s technology layout based on “drive” and “vision” and the matrix layout of all products targeted at three major areas: industry, commerce, and service. Cao Yunan said: As a rapidly developing young enterprise, ELITE is determined to empower each client amidst the Internet of Things, actively promote the development of China’s robot industry, and working toward the China Manufacturing 2025 objective. 

        ELITE Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative ELITE company initiated by a group of PhD scholars from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tsinghua University, and Columbia University.

         ELITE R & D Center is located in the core area of Zhongguancun, Beijing. More than 90% of the R & D personnel hold a master’s degree or above. At the same time, ELITE has a near 10,000 square meters of production and R & D base in Suzhou Industrial Park, and the annual production scale of various industrial robots can reach 5,000 units. After 4 years of high-speed development, ELITE has completed the layout of the entire product line including traditional industrial robots, 6-DOF and 7-DOF lightweight collaborative robots, robot control systems, integrated drive-control units, and intelligent vision systems.

        In the future, ELITE will continue to invest in robot research and development, production, and intelligent solutions to advance the industrial process, to lead a new era of “smart workers,” and to help Chinese manufacturing enter the world stage. 

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