ELITE Robot’s 12kg collaborative robot EC612 wins GG Rototics Golden Globe Award

        On December 12th, Dr. Cao Yunan, Chairman of ELITE gave a speech about “adhering to product and promoting ‘Industrial + Collaborative’ human-machine coexistence” and further explained the “new” business format of collaborative robots at the “New Ecological Change session” titled by ELITE at the 2019 Annual Conferences of GG Robotics. At the GG Robotics Golden Globe Awards Ceremony held on December 13, ELITE Robot’s 12kg collaborative robot EC612 won the “New Product of 2019-Collaborative Robot Category” Golden Globe Award! This means that after converging its product line strategy, ELITE has taken a solid step toward focusing on collaborative robots!

Who is ELITE?

        Although it has only been three years since the founding of the company in 2016, ELITE Robot has been cultivating on the mechanical control track for sixteen years. The founding team all comes from BUAA Robotics Institute. In addition to the reducer, from the underlying operating system, to embedded hardware and software, to technology packages and top computing power, as well as the technology of modular joints for collaborative robots, ELITE has achieved independent research and development for its products.

        Cao Yunan expressed that the product logic includes the concepts of “productization capability” and “productization”. “ELITE has superior productization capabilities, because we did complete the full coverage of industrial and collaborative robots below 20 kg in just three years. But the improvement of product capability is a more serious and urgent problem to solve. “

        “In terms of technology, ELITE is very persistent. At the beginning of the company’s establishment, we developed a complete collaborative robot and the overall technical layout for the next generation. The ultimate goal is ‘smart workers’. However, ELITE has also experienced some setbacks during the process, and that got me thinking, “What should be the business ideology of a startup? Should it be broad or specialized? “

        Because of the company’s grand vision, ELITE’s original product path and business route consist of a broad range of ideas. We aimed to achieve the purpose of testing the market through the high coverage of the product. But the existing market conditions also made trial and error costs higher.

        On the other hand, if you want to be specialized and precise, you must know what to keep and what to abandon. In the end, ELITE decided to converge the product line to the core of collaborative robots. This means that ELITE must move resources from traditional industrial robots to collaborative robots and ensure that all employees are clear about this business direction.

ELITE Robot CEO Dr. Cao Yunan delivered a speech at the round table of the Advanced Engineering Forum

Transformation From Setbacks

        Today, the collaborative robot market has entered a period of rapid development. In 2018, the sales volume of collaborative robots in China reached 6,320 units, an annual increase of 49.9%. It is expected that the volume of the Chinese market will increase by 256% in 2022, reaching 22,500 units. Cao Yunan predicted that, “In the next two years, collaborative robots can reach the scale of a tens of billions of markets. With the ease of use and market extension of collaborative robots, and even the landing of C-side scenarios, the future of collaborative robots will be far more than that.” Currently, ELITE has finished the complete layout of the collaborative robot product line, and has developed three collaborative robot products, including light loads and heavy loads, which can meet various application scenarios. The selling points of the products are cost-effectiveness, product stability guaranteed by individual design, and self-weight load ratio. As a result, ELITE’s product line and expansion direction began to become clear.

        In September of this year, ELITE officially released a 12KG large-load collaborative robot, announcing that ELITE Robot is ready for large-scale collaborative robot application scenarios, such as assembly of automotive, metalworking, injection molding and 3C industries, high torque screwing, machine loading and unloading, material inspection, item picking, palletizing, grinding and polishing, and so on.

ELITE Collaborative Robot Used for PCB Board Inspection Station

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