ELITE won the winning award of the 9th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

On March 25, 2020, the Ninth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Covid-19 Outbreak Prevention and Control Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Professional Competition (referred to as the Professional Competition), was successfully held by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. For the first time, the online multi-party remote real-time video interactive mode was adopted in the final round., along with the enterprise online roadshow, Q&A session, the online review and selection from the judges, and the real-time results announcement. After the competition, the ELITE Robot won the winning prize!

The Torch Center launched the Covid-19 Outbreak Prevention and Control Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Professional Competition on February 20 and received registration materials from 1,157 companies. 912 companies passed the initial qualification to enter the online written review preliminary competition, and 23 companies advanced to the online road show finals. ELITE participated in the national finals as the only collaborative robot ontology manufacturer. Product and Application Director Mr. Cai Songlin stated the “Intelligent Remote Robot Medical Platform” project and participated in the Q&A session with the expert team.

In the final round of this competition, enterprises focused on the theme of the prevention and control of the covid-19, and showed a number of advanced technologies such as rapid detection reagents and equipment for covid-19 prevention and treatment drugs and vaccines, and related safety protection, intelligent early warning, etc. A lot of the products have been applied or verified in the epidemic prevention, control, and resistance.

“Before the news of the lockdown of Wuhan on January 29 this year, no one expected that the epidemic would spread so quickly, and that the disease was so fierce. Since then, ELITE has closely followed the development of the epidemic and hoped to use our years of experience in the industrial field and make some contributions to the anti-epidemic fight. On the second day of the Chinese New Year, ELITE got it touch with its local partner Wuhan Cobot and cooperated with many parties to transfer this set of medical robots in just 15 days. The terminal was introduced into the local community, and it was first put into work in the Fozuling community in Guanggu, Wuhan. After that, this medical robot platform integrating robot arms, AGV carts, and thermal imaging entered the local banks and square cabin hospital. This marks the new integration of a generation of information technology and manufacturing equipment, through integrated innovation. It is evident that the advanced experience of robots in manufacturing is worthy of reference in the field of intelligent telemedicine. “

The intelligent telemedicine robot platform developed by ELITE Robot in cooperation with Wuhan Cobot provides a remote unmanned operation platform. It has the characteristics of strong autonomy, high intelligence, and good platform scalability. It can be quickly deployed and implemented, and realize functions such as disinfection, distribution, identification, medical testing and others. The intelligent telemedicine robot platform is composed of an autonomous mobile cart (Slam AIV), a 6-degree-of-freedom collaborative robot, a central control computer and algorithm software, and core components of remote communication. It can be quickly connected to the iris and infrared thermal imager for detection and disinfection according to actual needs to achieve multi-purpose, rapid deployment and adjustment.

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