ELITEs meet to illuminate future at ELITE ROBOT Dealer Conference 2020

On January 7, another cold wave swept across Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, but wouldn’t impede the active participation of guests in the “ELITE ROBOT Dealer Conference 2020”. In a dainty classical garden of Suzhou, a cozy and warm corner in contrast to the cold wave, the guests gathered to review their performance of the past year and discuss goals of development for 2021.

“Thank you all for coming all the way up here. It was a special and unforgettable year in 2020. We are proud to have conquered so many difficulties and made great achievements throughout the year. I hereby would like to, on behalf of the staff of ELITE ROBOT, express gratitude to all our partners for your continuous support.” At the beginning of the conference, Dr. Cao Yunan, Chairman and CEO at ELITE ROBOT, extended greetings to everyone, “In 2021, it is expected to run into a great many uncertainties from our market to even around the world. Success won’t go with those who fight alone in the uncertainties. When we named the company, we chose the English word ELITE, which refers to one with outstanding abilities. We must first find the right people before we accomplish something. And you are the partners of ELITE ROBOT upon mutual recognition. I hope our cooperation in the coming year will be like how the title of this conference reads – ELITEs meet to illuminate future.“

01Annual sales

In the first part of the conference, Wu Fei, VP at ELITE ROBOT, cut to the chase instantly and came to the 5 most appealing aspects. In 2020, ELITE ROBOT’s annual sales volume increased by 609% yoy, and revenue rose by 813%. That was due to rapid convergence of product lines in 2019 to focus on collaborative robots, and to rapid iterations and product upgrades. The existing EC series, with further extended functions and enhanced stability, succeeded to procure benchmarking projects from leading customers of such fields as automobiles, 3C electronics, new retail, household chemicals and packaging through unremitting efforts of the marketing team and channel partners.

Speaking of the topic that everyone is most concerned about, that is, “how to find needs for collaborative robots”, Wu Fei shared his years of experience: “I could be regarded as one of the first salesmen engaged in promotion of collaborative robots. Why would many business people with automation background and/or successful sales experience in foreign companies get frustrated in the collaborative robot industry? And why would the dealer network of some top brands get frequently reshuffled? In the final analysis, everyone is selling collaborative robots in the same way as traditional industrial robots.” 

Wu Fei’s logic was attentively followed by the audience, “The metaphysics of sales is that everyone understands the truth but similar products may end up rather differently in hands of different people.

To win a project, one must grasp the key time nodes and fully understand the user’s needs for collaborative robots-efficiency? ROI? Demonstration? Image building? Or anything else? Just provide reasons the customer cannot turn down at the right time. “In an era where value is king, users are ultimately willing to pay for only one reason, that is, an agreement on value exchange between two parties. As a “niche market product” among industrial products, the value of collaborative robot is still being defined. So some view it unfavorably, while others are willing to invest in it. The answer is not absolute.

02Product line and market strategy

What ELITE ROBOT is doing is to raise the odds of winning – developing a multi-win situation among manufacturers, dealers/integrators and users. To this end, ELITE ROBOT has made adequate preparations on either product lines or channel support. In the second part, Cai Songlin, Vice President Application and Technology at ELITE ROBOT, focused on the crucial part in winning a collaborative robot project – technical support and application adaptation。 He set off from the “features of collaborative robot products”, and dwelled on the product lines and market strategy of ELITE ROBOT which were of great interest to the audience. 

In 2020, Cai took the lead in the collaborative robot industry to apply such labels to collaborative robots as “gradual automation”, “platformization”, and “long tail”. As a technician with 8 years of research and development experience in collaborative robots, he has been long engaged in dealing with customers and often run into many common problems. “The current accuracy of collaborative robots is generally up to ±0.03mm, satisfying the needs of most industrial scenarios. As a tool designed to replace human hands, it is already qualified to meet the accuracy requirements of all tasks performed by hands. While we are still criticizing the accuracy of collaborative robots, it may be more rational to think about whether this task is suitable to exploit their advantages to the full.”

As for ELITE ROBOT’s layout on new products, Cai said: “The platform-based features of the CS series of collaborative robots are especially suitable for users who demand complex and diverse applications and who fix sights on the future. Because as their demand changes, ELITE ROBOT’s CS robots will meanwhile grow with them. A variety of performance indicators of the CS series help widen the gap with like products in the industry, and make China’s collaborative robots keep up with international standards, so that the products are more competitive and are likely to assume an industry-leading position in the future.” 

03Marketing and brand building

In the last part of the conference, Ren Yi, Vice President Marketing at ELITE ROBOT reviewed with the guests the journey of the ELITE brand in 2020, and discussed how the brand should stand out in fierce competition in 2021. “ELITE ROBOT has heavily invested in marketing and brand building with not only funds but also manpower and intelligence. To perform well in market expansion of Chinese collaborative robots, brand recognition and reputation are of vital importance. And our partners, rather than end users, are the first group we must handle relations with, just like forming a team before a battle. At the marketing end, ELITE ROBOT has spent a lot of time to obtain business leads, which, after repeated screening and identification, are forwarded to the sales application end. And on that basis, more adaptive scenarios are developed, then solutions and opportunities with higher rate of success are provided to channel partners to help grab the market more efficiently and raise confidence in the brand.”

When talking about the brand image in the future, Ren said: “We keep to a consistent whole-network marketing strategy. A brand cannot be built overnight, nor can an industrial brand be built on heavy money. Only by perseveringly maintaining a unified and bright image, firmly taking a brand route in line with the the team and characteristics of the products, without fickleness or irresolution, could we build a brand that withstands the test of time. Behind the brand is our understanding and respect for customer needs, which embodies our determination to continue to create value. ELITE ROBOT might be nobody before 2019, but when it comes to collaborative robots, the name now deserves to be mentioned. This is the charm of brand.”
More about ELITE ROBOT and collaborative robots shall continue. The year of 2021 is just beginning. If you feel like trying a collaborative robot now, it’s time to contact us. Experts here will never fail you!

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