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Collaborative robots are a branch of industrial robots. “COBOT” is short for Collaborative Robot.

A simple way of understanding is that collaborative robots allow the robot and the human to carry out their own during collaboration in the same workspace to complete a certain task.

More advanced: Combined with the concept of collaboration, robots and humans share the same workspace and cooperate to complete production tasks;

Safer: Self-developed collision detection function, paired with safety parameter settings, can protect people and robots from being harmed without additional safety equipment;

More economical: fast return on investment, suitable for production of SMEs, can help improve competitiveness.

The Light Weight and low power consumption design make collaborative robots slightly inferior to traditional industrial robots in terms of high speed and accuracy.

ELITE Robot is an innovative Robot enterprise that was founded in 2016 by a group of experts who possess solid tech backgrounds.

ELITE Robot’s R & D Center is located in Suzhou. The core team has more than 15 years of R & D experience in robotics.

As a robotics company focusing on R & D, production integration, sales, and customer service, ELITE Robot is pioneering domestically in the fields of robot core component control system / servo drive system, and R & D of collaborative robots.

ELITE Robot currently has 2 series: EC Series and CS Series.

The EC Series includes EC63, EC66 and EC612, with varying robot load capacities of 3 kg, 6 kg and 12 kg. (For specific data, please refer to the technical parameter table:

The CS Series includes CS 612, CS 66, CS 63, with varying robot load capacities of 3 kg, 6 kg and 12 kg.

When selecting the robot model, you should consider the following issues:

  • The weight and centroid of the object being grasped and the end effector that the robot needs to be installed with;
  • The working range of the robot;
  • The temperature and humidity of the working environment and the IP protection level;
  • The speed requirements of the robot; and parameters such as positioning accuracy.

The robot arm of ELITE Robot is designed as a 6-axis articulated robot arm, similar to a human arm, and each joint adopts a modular design.

For example:

The 3 joints of the wrist of the EC63 robot are the same model, and the 3 joints of the base shoulder and elbow are also the same model, so that only 2 spare joints are required as spare parts, which can cover the joints of the entire robotic arm.

In addition, each joint supports ± 360 ° rotation, so that the working space of the robot arm can be a complete spherical shape. 

ELITE Robot’s official website provides video tutorials for quick start and basic operations for your reference.

In addition, we also conduct regular offline training videos (Follow our official website, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook account @ELITEROBOT). As long as you have basic knowledge of electrical automation, you can master and have no trouble using ELITE Robots.

Based on its own dynamic model and control algorithm, the ELITE Robot collaborative robot can realize the smooth drag-move function, which can be turned on by the button at the end of the robotic arm end button (see the figure below).

The drag-move function can also be enabled through the system settings (see the figure below).

When conducting drag-move teaching, remember not to use too much force. If you feel a lot of resistance, don’t pull too hard and check for surrounding obstacles.

ELITE Robot is a 6-joint robot, using the right-hand rule Cartesian coordinate system. ELITE Robot comes with 2 coordinate systems, one is the base coordinate system, and the other is the tool coordinate system (see the figure below). The base and the tool coordinate system cannot be deleted or changed.

ELITE Robot also supports customized user coordinate system, which can be established through 3-point teaching (see the figure below).

ELITE Robot has two communication methods:

Point-to-point (hard-wired) IO signal communication, basing on RS485 serial port / ModbusRTU bus communication and basing on Ethernet (network cable) TCPIP / ModbusTCP bus communication.

Point-to-point communication has two connection ports:

IO signal connection terminals inside the control box (including 16 digital input and output signals, as well as 2 analog input and output signals, and 4 safety signals); in addition, a 12 Pin aviation connector at the tool end, providing 2 digital input and output signals, 1 analog input and output signal and 1,485 signal.

The 6 joints of the ELITE Robot have the ability to rotate within ± 360 °, so the working space is a complete spherical space within the working range of the robot (see the figure below); but pay attention to the following points: the 6 joints of the ELITE Robot robot have the ability to rotate within ± 360 °, so the working space is a complete spherical space within the working range of the robot (see the figure below);

Pay attention to the following points:

1) When the robot moves close to its arm span limit, its posture can no longer be changed arbitrarily;

2) Try to avoid the end of the robotic arm passing through the cylinder space directly above and below the base of the robotic arm. This will cause a certain joint to move too fast when the end motion is very slow, which will cause the robot motor to trigger an alarm.

In addition, in some special positions in the space, the robot will generate “singular points” during linear motion, which will cause the robot to not be able to complete the trajectory. You can avoid this problem by switching to the joint motion mode or modifying the robot’s posture.

The load capacity of ELITE Robot EC series robots are 3 kg, 6 kg and 12 kg respectively.

It is worth noting that the maximum allowable payload depends on the center of gravity offset. The gravity offset is defined as the distance between the center of the robot flange and the center of gravity of the end effector. The maximum speed of the robot and the accuracy of the optimal motion trajectory are obtained through rigorous testing under the maximum allowable load.

Do not allow the robot to be overloaded, or it will not only affect the working performance of the robot but can also pose serious safety issues.

  1. As a lightweight collaborative robot, ELITE Robot Cobots are relatively easy to maintain. The main maintenance tasks include safety function check: once every 6 months, testing the functions of emergency stop button, free drag-move mode and safety IO (if set) and collision detection;
  2. Visual inspection, whether the joint is contaminated or corroded, whether the seal protection ring is worn, whether the cable of the robot arm and the control box, the cable of the teaching pendant and the control box are worn; whether the cooling fan is blocked by opening the control box, if so, it needs to be cleaned.

Compared with traditional industrial robots, ELITE Robot collaborative robots use maintenance-free and absolute encoder settings, thus eliminating the need to regularly change the gearbox lubricant and encoder battery.

In the automation transformation of the logistics industry, it is a very popular trend for lightweight collaborative robots to be equipped with AGV trolleys, to realize the full advantages of robots and AGVs to quickly complete the transfer and delivery of materials.

ELITE Robot cobots are lightweight with low power consumption, DC-powered, safe and easy to deploy, making them the first choice for AGV trolleys. The AGV needs to provide power for the movement of the robotic arm, that is, to provide sufficient power to the robotic arm through the AGV battery to start the robotic arm and ensure that it is working properly. ELITE Robot cobots control box supports 18-70VDC power supply. The peak current is about 20A (48V), so please choose a power supply with appropriate power.

ELITE Robot EC series robots do not have force control sensors. The robot monitors in real time the changes of the torque (current) received by each joint to achieve collision detection and free drag-move.

ELITE Robot EC series cobots can be installed at any angle (see the figure below).

The cobot uses a self-identifying dynamic model to ensure that the arm moves smoothly and accurately and supports itself when it is in free drag-move mode. Hence  it is important that the robot is properly installed.

On the teaching pendant

  • click {System} {System Configuration} {Installation Settings} to enter the following interface:

ELITE Robot collaborative robots always put safety in the first place.

First of all, EC series robots also have external emergency stop and safe stop functions, just like traditional industrial robots.

In addition, the built-in collision detection function enables the robot to ensure the safety of personnel without sacrificing the beat. Users can also set the interference zone range to limit the maximum working range of each joint, or the maximum movement range of the end tool, which is equivalent to a virtual fence.

By doing the things above, an acceptable and safe collaborative robot system can be obtained on site.

After the ELITE Robot cobot controller is connected to the PC via a network cable, you need to access the controller’s internal files through an FTP software.

Take FileZilla as an example:

After the PC and the control box successfully establish a connection (ping), open the FTP software. Enter the correct host IP address, username, password, and port number (as shown below).

ELITE Robot cobots have a designed lifespan of 25,000 hours. Each robot undergoes rigorous quality testing before it leaves the factory. The purpose of the test is to detect component failures and assembly failures. The robot can only leave the factory when it passes all the tests. The key parts of the robot are products from well-known brands in order to ensure quality and reliability.

Users are advised to adhere to ELITE Robot’s technical specifications and user manuals when using the robot. Do not overload, and correctly install, set up wires, and configure settings.

In addition, it is also recommended that users sign up for the operational training conducted by ELITE Robot before using it (more information:

ELITE Robot will wholeheartedly provide users with comprehensive technical support and training.

We have a maintenance center and a spare parts warehouse in Suzhou, which can quickly respond to maintenance and spare parts demands. We have training centers in both Shanghai and Shenzhen, which can provide users with technical training and practical exercises during various stages.

If you have special needs or questions, please contact our technical support email: We will answer your technical questions in a quick and professional manner.


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