Industrial Intelligent Manufacturing, Collaboration and Inclusion ” ELITE Robot 2019.9.17 New Product Launch Conference

Industrial Intelligent Manufacturing, Collaboration and Inclusion

ELITE Robot New Product Launch Conference

        For most manufacturing companies, the problems they face are similar: high costs, diversified product demand, the shift from mass production to mass customization. The continuously iterating products have put forward more and more stringent requirements for the versatility, accuracy and reliability of the production process. The reality is that many of the non-standard products and complex processes are difficult to achieve manually by humans. In this era, in order to meet the many demands of the consumer-led market, the manufacturing method must inevitably be more flexible.

        During the disclosure of the 100 million RMB level B round of financing not long ago, Mr. Cao Yunan, the founder and CEO of the company, talked about his understanding of the robot industry and said, “Follow-up development can never break the current structure of the robot industry. It can only be done through the ultimate goal of understanding the real needs of customers and achieving flexible production, as well as the development of more competitive new products through the tireless pursuit of “easy-to-use”. Consolidating the quality of robot products itself is still the first and foremost thing domestic robot companies must do with their whole heart.

        Therefore, ELITE brought the latest collaborative robot EC612 and industrial robot EI67 during the Shanghai Industry Fair 2019 and will announce to the market that the “Industry + Collaboration” dual product line will be released simultaneously at ELITE’s booth at 14:00 on September 17th (Booth No.: 7.1H-F008). This also means that ELITE is ready to improve the “easy to use” level for its users and promote the implementation of typical scenarios, while deeply cultivating vertical industry segments, including automotive, 3C, metal processing and injection molding, to continue to set benchmark scenes applications in target industries.

Beauty of Collaboration 

        Productivity determines the production relationship, and when the production relationship is compatible with the development requirements of productivity, it will effectively promote the development of productivity. What is needed for personalized customization and flexible production is no longer the traditional production method. Compared to all manual production or separate large-scale production by equipment, the human-machine collaboration has proved to be more efficient in many application scenarios. The “cobots” (collaborative robot), as a new type of production tool, has not only brought breakthroughs in productivity, but also subverted production relations — allowing robots to work side by side with workers. The emergence of collaborative robots for users has undoubtedly added new options for enterprises in terms of enhancing the automation upgrade.

        This lightweight, flexible tool can be quickly redeployed and reprogrammed to complete new tasks. The user-friendly operation interface and good investment recovery cycle reduce the threshold for enterprises to carry out automation transformation. Across the world, and even in countries known for their comparative advantages in labor costs, and many companies that consider automation to be time-consuming and labor-intensive, have unanimously chosen to select this brand-new solution. In the future, the Chinese market will also contain a huge demand for flexible production. The new member of ELITE’s collaborative robot family, the lightweight six-joint robot EC612, is particularly suitable for areas such as the assembly of automobile, metalworking, injection molding and 3C industries, high-torque screwing, machine loading and unloading of materials, inspection, item picking, stacking and destacking, grinding and polishing.

About the New Collaborative Robot EC612

        The EC612 six-axis collaborative robot has a maximum load of 12 kg, a working range of 1.3 mm, and a self-weight of only 31 kg, occupying as little as 200 mm; the maximum speed of the tool end is 3.2 m/s; the repeatable positioning accuracy is + -0.03 mmm and the range of joint movement is + -170 degrees. It also provides control box I / O signals and terminal I / O signals, and all digital, analog and RS485 interfaces. The control box also provides Ethernet interfaces that support TCP / IP. EC612 supports AC mains power supply of 85V to 245V, EC612M supports DC power supply of 18V to 72V, and the typical power consumption of the whole machine is less than 500W.  

        The EC612 / EC612M six-joint robot has the characteristics of easy programming, fast installation and setting, flexible redeployment, human-machine collaboration and safety. The robotic arm has the function of reverse driving, which can directly draw the arm for programming and teaching. The safety parameters can be set, and the safety evaluation can be performed to meet the requirements of human-machine cooperation without a safety fence.

An Industrial Heart

        Industrial robots are the most widely used intelligent manufacturing equipment in the traditional manufacturing process. Driven by the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the national manufacturing industry, the market size has maintained a sustainable and stable growth trend. Ever since the development of traditional industrial robots, their applications have not been confined to a certain field. In other words, industrial robots have been used in all aspects of modern industry. Traditional industrial robots play an important role in China’s strategic layout of “vigorously promoting the application of intelligent manufacturing equipment in traditional manufacturing”. The addition of robots can effectively reduce the labor costs and production costs of traditional manufacturing and improve product quality and performance. As the market scale expands, the core technology accelerates, and industries transform and upgrade, a large number of domestic robot companies have ushered in market opportunities and gained a foothold in typical application areas such as IC equipment, 3C, packaging logistics, metal processing, rubber and plastics, chemical raw materials and chemical products.

        Among the industrial robot family, the 6-axis robot, as a mechatronic mechanical equipment with flexible programming and automatic control, has the characteristics of having multiple functions and multiple degrees of freedom. Industrial robots combined with production lines can form single-machine or multi-machine automation systems to achieve a variety of production operations such as handling, welding, sorting, assembly, and spraying without human involvement. The main feature of this type of robot is to imitate the basic structure of human waist to arm. Under the same volume conditions, robots with articulated joint structure have a much larger relative space and working space than robots with non-articulated joint structure. The addition of robots has helped enterprises improve production efficiency and product consistency. At the same time, the market has continuously raised higher standards for “cost-effective” robot products. Thus, the ELITE EI67 industrial 6-axis robot came into being under this demand.

About the New Industrial Robot EI67

        The EI67 six-joint industrial robot has a maximum load of 7kg, covering two arms of 700mm / 900mm, repeatability of ± 0.02mm, and its self-weight is only 33kg / 35kg. Its other characteristics include compact size, light weight, wide application range, high protection level, and easy integration. The controller is ELITE ERC200 controller. EI67 base installation size is 190mmX190mm and its wrist width is 100mm. The robot’s interior has 4 air sources, 10 customer cables and Gigabit Ethernet cables (alterative configuration available). The robot has two armlengths of 700mm and 900mm, which can be installed at any angle. The robot outlet method includes back outlet and bottom outlet. The robot has two protection levels of IP65 and IP40 and a Cleanroom ISO4 version will be launched in the future.

        As a small industrial robot with high precision and high performance, EI67 is suitable for assembly, handling, polishing, laser cutting, packaging and other applications in the electronics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, solar, metal processing, automotive and other industries.

To Be Continued 

        Robots are “the pearl on the top of the manufacturing crown”. As the core equipment of intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots have played an irreplaceable role in the development of intelligent manufacturing. ELITE is committed to providing Chinese enterprises with cost-effective, professional and reliable robot product solutions, creating user experience with “easy to use” as the core value, and leading the technological innovation of domestic robots. During the Shanghai International Industry Fair in September this year (Booth No. 7.1H-F008), ELITE will simultaneously release the new collaborative robot EC612 and industrial robot EI67. Please visit ELITE booth for more details.

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