Let’s have a nice cup of coffee during the cold winter days


“Welcome!” Walking into a coffee shop in Seoul, and hearing the familiar greeting from the waitress, I went to the bar to order, as usual.
-“Hello, can I have a cappuccino and a signature latte?”
-“Sure, is it for here?”
-“For takeout.”
-“No problem, just a second.”


When I was paying, I looked up and found that the waitress ran to the coffee machine on the side of the bar and ran back to the bar again after touching a button. A white robot EC66 removed the drip tray from the coffee machine, and sent it to the grinder, picked up fresh ground coffee powder, and then sent it to another machine for rapid compression. Then, the robot sent the drip tray to the coffee machine and tightened it. The container with coffee was sent via the guide rail arranged under the coffee machine. Under the effect of steam pressure, the rich and aromatic coffee came out of the drip tray, and the air is full of the aroma of coffee. Then the waitress carefully poured the milk that had been frothed, and made beautiful latte art. After putting on the lid, the coffee I ordered arrived in my hand in just a few minutes.

-“Please enjoy.”
-“Thank you! Is this your new coffee machine?”
-“Yeah, the new coffee assistant, it helps us save a lot of time.”
-“It’s so interesting and the coffee tastes great!”

03Pain points

A staff from AI Café once said: We had planned to use robots to make coffee before. Our initial thought was to use robots to reduce the workload of our baristas. Because the essence of making flavored coffee is often the proportion, and the steps of pouring coffee powder, pressing powder, compressing are all essential when it comes to making coffee. So we thought that if we could use robots to help complete this series of tasks, it would really save a lot of time and labor. However, the problem is, we couldn’t have large robots in spaces like coffee shops. Lightweight, flexible robots are more suitable.

ELITE’s 6kg collaborative robot EC66 was recommended to us by the integrator. Their staff quickly designed the entire action flow. The on-site parameter setting was very simple and took less time than we expected to integrate. When put into use, the robot can at least help the coffee shop to eliminate one front desk staff. And we were also satisfied with the shape of the robot, its neat white and smooth lines, which are very consistent with the style of the store. The operation is quite stable now! We look forward to introducing this tool in our other stores.

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