Meet Capek| ELITE Won The 5th Capek Annual Technology Innovation Award!

        From April 18th to 20th, the 2019 China Robot Industry Development Forum and the 5th Capek Awards Ceremony, hosted by China Robot Network, were grandly held in Wuhu, Anhui. The major players in the robotic industry gathered together to discuss the industry development trend. With its superb product technology and industry influence, ELITE Robot won the Fifth CAPEK 2018 Technology Innovation Award and attracted much attention from the industry.

        As the first annual event of the robotics industry in 2019, the 5th Capek Awards Ceremony is a major award selection event that has attracted a lot of attention in the industry. In order to enhance the authority of the award selection process, the award committee consisted of an expert jury such as Mr. Cai Hezhen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, to ensure that the whole process is just, fair and open.

        At the same time, well-known robot-related companies, investment institutions, and media in the industry were also invited to jointly evaluate the participating companies and products. In the end, combined with many market survey data on technology patents, product design, and users’ word of mouth, the most influential winning enterprises were selected and awarded. ELITE stood out from hundreds of competing companies and became the winner of this technology innovation award. It was a remarkable recognition and approval of experts, judges, media and peers for its technology and innovation capabilities.

        In this exhibition area in Capek, ELITE exhibited the EC66 collaborative robot. Its maximum speed of the large line segment, the fast start and stop of the small line segment, and the ability to switch between complex trajectories all left a deep impression on the audience. The robot again became the focus of the industry as the fastest collaborative robot product with the smoothest movements.

        The next decade will be a crucial time for the transformation of old and new energies in the world economy. A new round of technological revolution and industrial change is accumulating strength, which heralds the official arrival of artificial intelligence robots. ELITE’s award at the 5th Capek Ceremony not only reflects the reputation and appeal of its technology, products and brands in the market, but also represents that ELITE has become the “backbone” of the industry’s rapid progress. In the future, ELITE will continue to promote the overall innovation capability of the industry and contribute to the development of the intelligent manufacturing industry.

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