Do you need to change the product line frequently for multiple batches of products? If so, it’s time to deploy a collaborative robot to shorten the close time by quickly programming and flexible point debugging; if your existing production line wants a robot to replace people, and the space is small and difficult to arrange large industrial equipment, a collaborative robot without need of safety fence is a good choice; if your work station with people in and out frequently, also need human-robot sharing a space, a collaborative robot will be the optimal solution. It’s time to contact ELITE’s distributors oversea for automation solution & order your 1st cobot demo or send us your request:

EUROPE: EAST & SOUTH EAST ASIA: or you can contact our head of sales directly.

ELITE collaborative robot consists of a robotic arm, control box, teach pendant, hardware, and software. According to the definition of “industrial robot system”, robot ontology can not be a set of  complete” equipment, but only as a component of the system. A complete “industrial robot system” can be formed only by integrating collaborative robots with other components such as end-effectors, mechanical devices, or devices that assist in the complete set of automated operations.

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